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Report from Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Climate Town Hall Meeting

Our Presentation sharing some of the key messages from Pope Francis’ Encyclical

Some important reports and articles making the case against the Energy East pipeline:

Jeff Rubin, New pipelines? The oil sands may have trouble filling the ones it has

Oil Change International, The Sky’s Limit: Why the Paris Climate Goals Require a Managed Decline of Fossil Fuel Production

Robyn Allan, NEB’s oil forecast is not reliable, new pipelines are not needed

To learn more about the Energy East pipeline, and how we can build better lives for everyone, check out these websites:

Clean Energy Canada

Conservation Council of New Brunswick

Council of Canadians (make sure to watch the Energy East 101 video)

Video: Should Canadians be Concerned about Energy East? (featuring Evan Vokes, a former TransCanada engineer turned whistleblower)

Ecology Ottawa Tar Free 613 Campaign

Environmental Defence

Letter to Ontario Energy Board Opposing Energy East Pipeline

Ontario Energy Board

National Energy Board

National Energy Board Interactive Incident Map

The Leap Manifesto: A Call for a Canada Based on Caring for the Earth and One Another

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